Travel info.

Letter of Invitation

If you require an invitation letter for attending APSCOM 6, the organizing committee will provide this letter. Please send a request by e-mail to the organizing committee informing them of your full name, affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number.

If you require an invitation letter including information about the presentation title, the organization committee will provide this letter after you have registered for the conference and completed payment of the registration fee. Please send a request by e-mail to the organizing committee informing them of your full name and registration ID.

The invitation letter will then be sent by return e-mail.

Registration receipts, Certificate of Attendance/Presentation

Registration receipts will be provided to all participants at the registration desk in Kyoto Womenfs university (Congress Venue). If you need a registration receipt before the conference, please contact us.

A "Certificate of Attendance" will be provided to all participants at the registration desk in Kyoto Women's University.

A "Certificate of Presentation" will be provided upon request after your presentation in the venue.


All participants entering Japan must have a valid passport. In addition, participants coming from certain countries must have a visa issued by the Japanese embassy/consulate in their country. Please check visa requirements on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ( "Documents from Japan" must be prepared before any visa application is made to the Japanese embassy/consulate.

You may be required to additional documents of your trip to Japan, including transportation and lodging arrangements, in order to obtain a visa. Please understand that all such matters are your own responsibility. The conference organizers cannot do this for you, and they are not responsible for any trouble in your trip to Japan.

If you need a visa to participate in APSCOM 6, please read the following carefully.

The organizing committee will provide the "Required documents for a visa application to enter Japan" to participants who have completed payment of the registration fee.

Please fully complete the "Information for visa" form, and then send it together with copies of the following documents:

  1. Passport (with your name and photo clearly visible)
  2. Document verifying your organizational affiliation and position (e.g., staff/student/employee ID card)
  3. Air ticket (electronic ticket itinerary/receipt)
  4. Hotel booking confirmation
Please send the completed form along with all above documents (No. 1 to 4) to the APSCOM 6 office by e-mail. If we do not receive ALL necessary information and documents (No. 1 to 4), APSCOM 6 will NOT be able to process your request and issue the "Documents for visa application."

Please note that the "Information for visa" form and attached materials will be reviewed by APSCOM 6 office. Any inconsistencies between the information and the attached materials (e.g., differences in the spelling of your name, length of stay, etc.) will delay the process of issuing of your "Documents for visa application." After receiving the complete set of documents (No. 1 to 4), the issuing of "Documents for visa application" from APSCOM 6 will take up to several business days. Moreover, after applying at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country, it may take several weeks for the visa to be issued. We strongly urge you to manage your visa application schedule accordingly.

Our office will only be able to process visa documents applications received by July 10, 2017 (no later than 24:00 Japan Standard Time).


Please note that documents issued by us do not necessarily assure the applicant will obtain a visa. The Japanese embassy or consulate may also demand separate requirements for (other) documents. APSCOM 6 will only process applications with period of stay between July 24 and 28, 2017.