APSCOM 6 Program (2017.07.24)

Schedule at a glance

Oral presentations

Poster presentations

We are working hard for APSCOM2017. Everything is going well so far.

1) Dr. Marek Franěk will organize a symposium dealing with the most basic factor of music--rhythm. This multidisciplinary symposium will turn out to be extremely insightful.

2) The first day events will be held at the Kyoto National Museum which will be converted into the headquarters of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the near future.

3) Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Masateru Ando, who is a researcher in the field of instrumental acoustics as well as a koto player representing Japan. He was a professor of Tokyo University of the Arts. He also plans a lecture concert with Prof. Shiobu Oku. She is a researcher of music education and a violinist.

4) Jazz, bamboo flute and Gamelan lecture concerts will also be held. Dr. Yamasaki, who is the secretary general of APSCOM2017, will lead a Gamelan Ensemble Darma Budaya. Dr.Toriyono Bramantyo, who is a musicologist, will give a lecture.